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Brown Wrapping with Vintage Brooches
Dec 13

Wrap It Up

I don’t know about you, but I am up to my ears in wrapping paper and holiday gifts.  Each night, I devote about thirty minutes to an hour to wrapping gifts for friends and family so that each gift is ready for its respective gathering.  I know this may sound strange, but I actually enjoy wrapping gifts.  I find it somewhat relaxing and like to find creative ways to make each gift look extra festive and special.  This year, my new wrapping obsession is craft paper.  It is so versatile and wallet friendly.  I like the natural look of the craft paper and how I can dress it up with basically any embellishment.  I also am enjoying wrapping my holiday gifts in a more subtle and chic way this holiday season.  Below are some ideas that inspired my gift-wrapping making for some fabulous DIY holiday creations:

Neutral Wrapping Paper and Satin Ribbons with Vintage Brooches

Craft Paper with Seam Binding and Ribbon with Vintage Brooches and Flowers

Craft Paper with Ties and Suspenders

Natural Fabric and Burlap Wrapped Gifts with Handmade Embellishments

Brown Box with Mixed Fabric Ribbons

Craft Paper with Rainbow Yarn

Craft Paper with Gold Glitter Ribbon

Craft Paper with Gold Glitter Lattice Work

Craft Paper with Black Glitter Ribbon

Craft Paper with Red, Black and Gold Ribbon

Gold Chevron and Polka Dot Paper with Green and Peach Ribbon

Craft Paper with Cut Out Snowflakes and Christmas Trees

Craft Paper with Stamps, Lace, Candy Canes and Chanukah Gelt Embellishments

Black Paper with Red Ribbon and Red Sealing Wax

White Paper with White Textured Ribbon


White Wrapping with Fabric and Ribbon Embellishments

Craft Paper with Dictionary Flower

Craft Paper with Chevron and Star Stencils

Craft Paper with Red and White Washi Tape

Craft Paper with 12 Days of Christmas Tags

Craft Paper with Pine Cones and Pine Needles

Vintage Inspired Wrapping with Pom Poms

Craft Paper and Pom Poms

Wrapping presents doesn’t need to be a chore.  I try to look at it as a fun arts and crafts project and a small creative outlet.  While the ideas here may seem a little muted or low key, I like to think of them as my fashion-forward way of wrapping holiday presents this year.  I am also so excited that I discovered craft paper!  I bought three rolls and now I am stocked up for all occasions for 2013; all I need are the embellishments.

~ xoxo