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StellaBegonias provides style consultations for both men and women. Our goal is to make style something accessible and fun for ALL. The services below can be viewed as a Style Process or as an a la carte Style Menu. Please contact us for more information. CONTACT

Prior to our first meeting, you will be able to complete an SB Style Survey that will help us guide and assess your style needs and goals. We will use this as our basis for building your customized Style Profile. We will ascertain your fashion goals; what colors work best with your skin tone and hair color; what silhouettes and shapes work best with your body type; and what makes you stylistically happy. This will compose your SB Style Profile.

Together we will literally shop your closet. First, we will determine which items are worn and dated, what items you can’t live without and what key pieces you are missing. Next, is a private fitting. We will try on various outfits and catalogue them with multiple accessory and shoe options. We will develop a set of style rules to make getting dressed easy, fun, exciting and stress free. All of this information will comprise your SB Style Guide included with this service.

Shopping is all about finding the right balance – Style Zen. As Manolo Blahnik says, About half my designs are controlled fantasy, 15 percent are total madness and the rest are bread-and-butter designs. Our goal when shopping should be to find this equilibrium: 35% bread-and-butter, 50% controlled fantasy, 15% total madness. I know the fashion map of New York, and that of the online space. I can help you find the pieces that fit your Style Profile and build upon your Style Goals. Fashion should be fun. I will not only help you find your necessary staple pieces, but I will help you take comfortable style risks that will enhance your closet and fashion confidence. We can shop together, or I can shop for you. When we shop together, I can pre-pull items based on your private fitting and Style Profile to help begin the process of building or enhancing your wardrobe. Personal Shopping is something that can be fully tailored to your needs and goals, including finding the perfect look for a special occasion or milestone.

We will return to your closet and incorporate our new finds to create unique and personalized looks for your various walks of life. We will discuss current trends, how to incorporate high and low end pieces into one complete outfit, and how to have fun getting dressed each day. We will work on your total look and how to make sure it personifies YOU. We will take some more images of these outfits to catalogue in your SB Style Guide so that you will have a constant reference just in case you need a refresher.

This is a quarterly or twice a year review of your wardrobe. We will organize your closet so that your wardrobe is relevant for the current season. We will discuss current trends, which ones work for you and how to incorporate them into your current wardrobe to give it a simple refresh.

Style isn’t just for those who live in New York City or its surrounding areas. StellaBegonias’s goal is to make style accessible to ALL. Remote Styling is ideal for those people who either do not live in or near New York City or may not have the time to dedicate to shopping for the perfect wardrobe. You can email us a request and we will follow-up with a phone consultation to establish your SB Style Profile. We will use this to develop your perfect look using the best Internet Shops.

Planning your wedding is one of the most joyous yet overwhelming experiences of your life. There is so much to do to make sure that your special day is absolutely perfect. Let StellaBegonias guide you through it. We will work together to establish your style goals for your big day. We will figure out your wedding’s look and make sure that each piece selected works toward this bigger picture. StellaBegonias will help you find YOUR DRESS, THE DRESS, as well as dresses and suiting for your entire bridal party. We will create your entire wedding day look including accessories, hair and makeup. We can also help you select décor, linens, florals, invitations, and everything else to make sure your wedding tells the story of who you are individually and as a couple.

You are expecting the biggest arrival of your life! This is so exciting, but you are still so busy, working and planning. StellaBegonias can help you make sure your baby arrives in style. Let us alleviate some pressure by helping you shop for all of your new baby’s needs while making sure they are the best-dressed baby in the nursery. We can also help you purchase all the toys, books and accessories so your baby has all they need the minute they come home. We will make sure you are absolutely ready and stress-free when your baby arrives. Style services for young children available upon special request.

Sometimes you need a little help finding the perfect gift. StellaBegonias can help you find the perfect gift for any occasion including holidays, engagements, weddings, baby, graduation, birthdays, and more. We can also help arrange the perfect corporate gifts.

“Fashion is very important. It is life enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.” – Vivienne Westwood