What People are Saying

  1. “Jodie’s style advice and tips makes getting dressed fun! Her novel suggestions, creative style, functional approach, and great taste helped me turn my drab wardrobe into a fashion-forward collection. I often find myself purchasing items that are not quite ‘me’ and, later, (to my dismay) have difficulty integrating them into my routine. I was amazed by her ability to take those outliers (hanging limply with tags in my closet) and seamlessly pair them with items that I already own. Jodie patiently worked with my limited budget (she finds deals EVERYWHERE) and unique body type to make me look fabulous. She even provided me with a personal ‘style guide’ to ensure that I would never forget my ensembles and included future shopping suggestions. Thank you, Jodie, for easing my wardrobe frustrations, I could not get dressed without you!” ~ Heidi , NYC Med Student , 26
  2. “Jodie has a wonderful ability to listen to your likes and dislikes and translate them into your personal style (which I had never been able to accurately describe to someone). Most importantly, she makes sure that it is your personality that shines through – she doesn’t try to impose anyone else’s style ideas on you! I used to think I hated fashion and shopping, but with Jodie’s help I learned how to successfully navigate stores and sales (which used to overwhelm me instantly), find pieces that work well together and with my wardrobe staples, and express myself through fun items that I liked but didn’t know how to work into my wardrobe before. Having her teach me how to shop more effectively was a turning point for my style confidence. Even though I am no longer living in the NYC area, I am thrilled that I can count on her remote services to help me out whenever I need any additional ideas or guidance!” ~ Katrina, Finance Professional, Newport Beach, CA, 30
  3. “The greatest thing about Jodie is her ability to envision your drab and outdated wardrobe and reinvent it to make you shine like a star! She paid such close attention to my idea of style and what I was comfortable with making me feel like a princess. She was easily able to incorporate my own style with new pieces that would suite my taste, body type and overall comfort level with a completely updated and amazing twist! She worked within my budget (she was a superstar at finding bargains!) and introduced me to the StellaShares Community, a wonderful way to recycle your own wardrobe. I loved my first StellaShares package and absolutely loved the fact that I was becoming a part of that clothings’ history. It’s such a great way to recycle what no longer suits you and to share your own tastes with the StellaShares Community.” ~ Kellie, Film & Television Professional, Los Angeles, 30
  4. “Jodie’s meticulous attention to detail in creating her baby shower baskets is what makes her baskets unique works of art! Jodie actively listened as I described the style and personality of the mother to-be and then created a basket that reflected my whishes perfectly. Her sensitivity to my requests, whether it was price range, color scheme or actual products gave my baby shower gift basket a personalized, individual look that I could not achieve without Jodie’s expertise and artistic design. She saved me time, money and effort, yet produced a gift basket that reflected sensitivity, individuality and artistry. Thank you Jodie for articulating my well wishes so beautifully!” ~ Claire , Teacher , Long Island , 56
  5. “My closet needed a major overhaul; my clothes were there for eternity combined with some new purchases. Jodie came in and discarded pieces which were old and obsolete and coordinated outfits that I never would have thought looked fashionable together. She color-coordinated my clothing and allowed me to see what really was viable in my closet. In addition, she helped me to see that by not buying the same thing in all colors, my wardrobe would grow and look fresh each day. Now that I see what is in my closet I know (with Jodie’s assistance) what purchases I need to make to add color and vibrance to my wardrobe. What a terrific, worthwhile adventure of discovering I no longer have nothing to wear!!!” ~ Linda , Retired Teacher , Long Island , 58